Welcome to Gardiner Athletics

Starting-Strength-Gym-Gardiner-New-Paltz Gardiner Athletics, is a 4,000 square foot training and conditioning facility located in Gardiner, N.Y.     GA offers small group expert instruction in Olympic lifting (GA is an East Coast Gold Satellite facility),  Strength Training (GA has the only Starting Strength coaches in the Hudson Valley), endurance  training, as well as Pilates and mobility work and kids classes. Our members span a variety of athletic  abilities, ages and backgrounds. We train competitive athletes, kids, and those just looking to get into better shape. At GA a  willingness to work hard on a regular basis is all you need to succeed.  Whether you are looking to enter your first CrossFit competition, complete a triathlon, try a powerlifting meet or take a hiking vacation, our experienced coaches will help you attain your fitness goals. Gardiner Athletics has 5 lifting platforms, each with its own squat rack and set of bumper plates, three power racks with iron plates, dumbbells and kettlebells of all sizes. GA has atlas stones, tires, kegs and a yoke and a log for strongman training.  Our ceilings are 15’ high to accommodate ropes and rings and a pull-up/jungle-gym structure. GA  is open seven days a week with classes from 6AM until 7 PM.  Private training is available by appointment.






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